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What is this project, and what you need to know.

How It Came To Be.

I didn’t decide one day, to wake up and say..

“oh nft+snapback=nftsnapback”, but it came from being in the Cyberkongz discord community. A community like non other, and well here we are now.

Over a month ago, in the CyberKongz Discord, we brainstormed ideas for our Kongz and wanted to create our merch. It spiralled out from wanting to have a personal snapback of my kong to creating a whole project based on it.What is NFTsnapback.

What is NFTsnapback

NFTsnapback, is aiming to be the 1st Official Snapback Collection that is tied to an NFT or also non as a Non-Fungible-Token.

What came from an idea manifested to wanting to create 275 Snapbacks, not just for me but also to the communities that have played a role in how I got here Today.

Giving Back

This space has been grateful to me in so many way’s, from building relationships, make new life time friends, working full-time with

All of this and so much more wouldn’t be possible without the NFT-Community.

This is why It is only befitting that if I were going to launch anything in this space, my first launch would be me giving back to the communities that have accepted me and welcomed me into their circles.

The 1st series of NFTsnapback is Free, and can only be obtained in the manor explained below.

Launch Of NFTsnapback

How the launch works will be simple, There will be a total of 275 snapback created of the O.G.C||kONGZ series 1.
  • #1 Will Be Auctioned & 100% of the Processed will go to a charity.
  • 1 Will be part of a Giveaway taking part on @cryptolander twitter account.
  • 1 will be kept for myself (random mint left over)
  • 210 Will be airdropped to CyberKongz Members that have filled out the Doc.form over at Discord.
  • 38 Will be airdropped to CyberKongz OG Members that have filled out the Doc.form over at Discord.
  • 24 Will be airdropped to Ladz Members that have taken part in the Ladz & Drippie Collab.

Any NFT left over that is not claimed by the community members, i will be using them as part of either Giveaways/Promotions/Partnerships. Non will be listed for sale from the NFTsnapback Team on this drop.

NFT Airdrop, How Will It Work.

All the Minting will be done on the Official Opensea Store of NFTsnapback.

Once all 275 are minted, we will start airdropping the NFT to the Eth address that was provided by the participants.

This will be done all via random generator and will be determined near to the date.

Announcement of Date of Airdropped coming soon.

What happens Now.

Well now is the time to fill out the doc form that has been put out.

You will find it in the Announcement section in the discord of the Cyberkongz community. The doc form is self explanatory and require simple information.

Once completed and date of Airdrop announced, 210 lucky members will be randomly selected from the community and have the NFT airdropped in the wallet.

While we bring you the best quality in product and design, we recommend holding to the NFT to claim the Physical Snapback at a later date.

Doc form for O.G Kong Members & Ladz Members are given out separately.

How to claim

Claiming the Physical NFTsnapback will come at a later date with instruction.

However, the principles will be elementary as long you have an address that package can be mailed to, we will ship it via a Carrier Service.

There will be a $15 cost to claim for the NFTsnapback. This cost is solely used for shipping, anything extra amount gained from the shipping fee’s will go back to the development pot in order to expand the project future.

The shipping fee also ensures away processing the orders and capturing shipping details without storing or wanting to keep any sensitive information.

What Now

Well, for a start the 1st thing we could do is help out the twitter account here.

48 ppl at the time writing this. I think we can at least have 275 ppl following let’s get some more followers on board.

I hope the community & people alike understand that am truly grateful for what this space has taught and a lot of inspiration as come from a lot of place in the time of being in this space.


East Africa

Within the project I want to have some impact no matter how little or small it turns out to be.

What I hope to do is set a % of profits and royalties to go towards a cause that is close to me. As we get older I like to believe you start looking at what will you leave behind.

So were I come from East Africa (little Town) I like to dedicate the funds in serval ways:

  • Education paid for Children & Teens University Fees Inc.
  • Build Roads access to streets/shops
  • Building A community Hub for community Childers and family to interact in a safe setting.
  • Provide course/programming skills and access to blockchain education.

All the above will have processes in place to ensure every single penny will be shown and will be accountable for.

I hope to be able to do as much as possible should the project and community accept and support the cause.

There nothing more empowering knowing there is cause behind it all, that motivates me to want to give back, but also set up a generation ahead that I may never get to meet.


So much of this work has come from a lot of things I have encountered or come across and am glad to be able to combine and be able to create this collection for the community.

Here are just a few insights.

Presentation inspiration came from Beeple; I loved how the 1st impression of the box collection looked and was amazed at the level of detail and care that went into that. I have done the same with this 1st series and aim to replicate that for each future series.

The Digi Physical part, you can say inspiration came from, my 1st NFT I bought over 4 months ago.

Created by and incredible person

Her NFT was a Huggermonster that was a digi physical and had is handmade, the amazing work was shipped and delivered to me. It came with sweets as well what a treat. This was my 1st encounter with a Digi Physical.

Am so happy to receive the support from some amazing people, and I hope that you can support this project . Nothing will work without the community and it’s the community that this is all about.

Which is why the Next series of NFTsnapback are already under way with @drippies @ladzcity @rizzle co-founder of Avastars.

Expect more Official NFTsnapback new to come and follow on socials and discord.

Any questions in regards to Collab, please contact me via Twitter or Discord.




Founder of NFTsnapback & OGC