Claim You’re NFTsnapback Today.


Yes, I know the Cyberkong community has been patiently waiting for the day that they can get a hold of the 1st ever CyberKongz NFTsnapback.

How to Claim

Firstly, I want everyone to know that for the claiming process you will be on the Matic Network on your MetaMask.

So before entering the Website, please insure the following is in place:

  1. You’re on the Matic Network.
  2. You have $15 of Matic in your Wallet.
  3. You have your OpenSea account open with your NFTsnapback.

Claiming Guide.

Step 1.

Open the tap and Copy the Token I.D. Once you do that you head over to the Claim Page

Claim Page

Step 2.

Once you come on to the Website, you will either be prompted to connect to your MetaMask.

Step 3.

Step 4.

step 5.

KONGrats! You have successfully claimed your NFTsnpabck!

Check Before Buying.

Shipping Details

What about the NFT’s?



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I am knowledgeable in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. I am starting off writing blog’s in the area am keen and have a passionate interest, focusing more on #NFT’s.