Claim You’re NFTsnapback Today.

The Time Has Come.


Yes, I know the Cyberkong community has been patiently waiting for the day that they can get a hold of the 1st ever CyberKongz NFTsnapback.

O.G.C || KONGZ Series 1

A total of 275 NFTsnapback were created by CryptoLander for the Cyberkong community, using his own #327 Genesis DR Bling Kong.

[At the time they were Free Airdrops to the Cyberkongz holders at random. OG Kongz & @ladzcity community members were the only group pre selected to receive a NFTsnapback].

How to Claim

Firstly, I want everyone to know that for the claiming process you will be on the Matic Network on your MetaMask.

If you don’t know or how to add Matic Network to your MetaMask, there are great guides you can find online.

Here’s a link to how to set that up:

So before entering the Website, please insure the following is in place:

  1. You’re on the Matic Network.
  2. You have $15 of Matic in your Wallet.
  3. You have your OpenSea account open with your NFTsnapback.

Claiming Guide.

Step 1.

Open the tap and Copy the Token I.D. Once you do that you head over to the Claim Page

Claim Page

Step 2.

Once you come on to the Website, you will either be prompted to connect to your MetaMask.

Make sure you are connected with the same wallet that Holds your NFTsnapback on the Polygon Matic chain.

Step 3.

Paste the Token ID into the highlighted section.

In the section next to that box, fill in the NFTsnpabck # number you have.

For example mine is O.G.C || KONGZ #274.

NOTE: No # must be entered into the field.

Here is how a completed form should look (see the image above).

Step 4.

Once you have filled out the form correctly, click on the submit button.

This will prompt you to interact with your MeatMask and require you to pay $15 shipping fee.

Once the payment is confirmed, you will be allowed to fill out your shipping details in the section below.

step 5.

Fill out your details below once payment has be completed.

Once you have done that Confirm your Shipping Info, please make sure that all the information is correct as once submitted, you won’t be able to change it or have it requested changed.

So please double check to make sure everything is correct.

KONGrats! You have successfully claimed your NFTsnpabck!

Once you submit your information, this pop up should appear to Kongfirm that your order has been received.

Check Before Buying.

Has it been already claimed.

If you are buying off the Secondary market from OpenSea, you can copy the Token I.d and enter the # number to check if it has been claimed already.

Please ensure you check before you buy to Avoid making a mistake.

Shipping Details

You can expect that we are excited to have the NFTsnapback go out to the community as soon as possible upon receiving your order.

You will be notified and receive the track-and-trace details of your Parcel.

Any other relevant information regarding your order will be communicated using the email address you provided.

What about the NFT’s?

Important: You can only use your NFT ONCE in order to claim your NFTsnapback.

However, that won’t be the end use of the NFT!

Without going into too much detail, it’s important to know that the NFT will still be worth holding onto even after claim for future use.

It’s time to claim your NFTsnapback!

That’s all for now from me, CryptoLander!



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