Blockchain Game Journey Part 2/3.

Having enjoyed the experience of F1delta Time and the Revv Ecosystem, I was curious to explore more Games on the Blockchain. Having done weeks of research and watching YouTube video I believe I found a game I wanted to Play…

So looking for a new game I found, what I ultimately believe to be the first game that will become truly mass adopted.

Now let me take you a few steps back to how it all become. What peeked my interest was the volume of players and Transactions that took place through

It was always top 3 and kept creeping up and up. So I dove in and started doing my research and joined the community discord and started watching YouTube Tutorials about the game.

YouTube Channel “CAGYJAN” Check him out.

Now I was no where near as early as most of the awesome community members, they saw something awesome & special in the game. They have been playing and supporting the project throughout the bear market, and in 2020 it took off differently.

Where I lacked in timing I made up by getting stuck in. I watched a few videos and caught on quick that this game is very depth and had multi-functional way’s of playing Axie Infinity not just your typical PVP game.

So I joined the Discord, I’m the type of person that rarely talks in chat groups etc. I more read chat between members and ask relative questions I might need to know. I asked more information about my 1st Axie buy’s.

I think this is the MOST important Question that anyone asks when they join.

Before you know it, instant messages started flooding. Members from the community all willing to help and express there view’s and help. They also brought to my attention about Axie Infinity Scholarship. I honestly thought at first you might actually need a degree to play this game with the level of details to take into account going into battles, and how breeding works it wasn’t fair fetched to be honest. Lol

More Information about Axie Infinity Scholarship read this Post.

An amazing member of the community from discord named wiceTroc1ty reached out to me and was kind enough to create an account for me to play and experience the Axie game 1st hand. This would allow me to better understand and hopefully decided if i wished to buy into Axie.

I played for a few days and quickly released how much of a joy it was to play. Now I was really looking forward to buying MY 1st Axie’s.

I wanted to be able to breed my Axie’s at the same time, while being able to play with them. SO my source of Axie was non other then @CAGYJAN a Youtuber who loves Blockchain Games and has a passion for Axie Infinity and continue to follow him when it comes to this space.

YouTube Uploaded by: CAGYJAN, 14 Aug 2020

Before I know it, I bought 3 Axie’s and immediately started breeding 2 Axie’s after buying SLP on Uniswap.

I was so excited i remember the I messaged wiceTroc1ty and told him that his now a proud Godfather to my new Axie.

Ever since I continued to add and breed Axie’s, to the point I really felt that this game has the best community on top of being community driven, also innovating the blockchain game, by allowing players to earn while they play through SLP.

This was the FIRST token I had to FOMO as soon it was listed on Binance Exchange.

I know lottery was going to be luck, but having just experienced and played and seen the community through discord and Twitter, it was and still a no brainer in potential it has over the near Future.

For More Information Check it out Below:

Now you have to understand the current spending that takes place in the Axie Universe to me is massive.

Currently as am writing this, in the last 30 days a total of $1,510,510.71 has been spent across the Axie Marketplace.

Now currently as it stands non of that is seen by the community players. So the AXS token, also being a governance tokens, allows the AXS stake holders to get rewarded a % of the Treasury that is captured from ETH & SOON to be AXS spent from buying or breeding and anything else in the Axie Universe related.

Up Side Potential.

AXS has great upside in my opinion. I am not a financial adviser, but with what the game has to offer and continues work on innovating the blockchain space (with the model of #Playtoearn heightened in the summer).

Axie Infinity has truly taken a very large chunk in Blockchain gaming activity. With an intake of up to +810% up on new user uptake, it still a drop in the ocean with how many people globally play games.

With Blockchain introducing true ownership, all Axie Infinity universe items are NFT based.

Read my first article about “NFT’s Might Make You A Millionaire 2021”

You may have seen some high value sales made from some rear Axie’s. What you may have not know is, each Axie has an origin and there are a wide variety of Axie’s of choice.

For More Information And A Breakdown On Collectors Guide Read This:

Well this game has truly amazing overall dynamic to it that I don’t believe that I have yet to see in other games.

Yes, the current issues with the Ethereum Network Fees has slowed down current Breeding in game. However they are in the works of introducing there own Sidechain “Ronin” to help the community avoid the congestion and high fees on Ethereum.

Read More about it.

I think this Blockchain Game Will be sitting at least Top 5 In the Blockchain Gaming Category. The road Map is something to be keeping a close eye out for and how that develops.

When teams and project execute the plans or deliver on time, it a good and clear indication that team’s or project’s stay true to delivering ultimately what the community want, or been waiting for.

There are many complications to keep in mind and I do expect in all new innovation to have some hick up’s along the way. But what I see differently with Axie Infinity is that there is and have been following the community wishes in how the direction of the game should go.

I am not letting AXS go anytime soon or in the next 3years at least. Why because Gaming will never be the same as it once was before. With true digital ownership and also being able to earn as you play, people will consider carefully if they which to truly play for nothing.

Axie Infinity has a model that truly been well thought out as a business, but the business of rewarding the End User.



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